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 Continuing the Legacy & Making a Difference

We are thankful for the generosity of our community that has supported Notre Dame Regional Secondary School as a Catholic school, one with the mission of Christ, which seeks to educate the whole student - the body, the intellect, and the spirit. The school’s success is founded on embracing this mission and on nurturing the relationships that have allowed Notre Dame to become the school it is today.

The coming years will be an extraordinary time in Notre Dame’s history as we work towards providing excellent education and maintaining the new $35 million facility. We ask all Alumni and present families to commit to supporting the financial needs of the school through donations to the $10 Million "Welcome Home" Campaign that will maintain Notre Dame’s firm foundation for years to come.  All gifts and pledges help us achieve our goal and make a significant difference in fortifying the school’s financial well-being and sustainability for years to come. All donations to Notre Dame Alumni Foundation are dedicated to providing support for core programs and inspiring students to strive for more intellectually, emotionally, and socially throughout their futures. 





Giving Options

Gifts of Cash:

The simple cash gift to the Notre Dame Alumni Foundation is the most common form of charitable giving. A tax-creditable receipt is issued for the full amount of your gift.  Gifts may be directed towards capital redevelopment costs, the John Brassington Endowment Fund which provides financial assistance to help qualified families with tuition fees, or for program enhancement. If you wish to direct your gift towards another area, please contact Development Coordinator Joe Garcea at


Gifts Through and Employer Matching Gift Program:

Inquire if your company offers a "matching gift" program that encourages employees to contribute to charities of their choice. The company will donate funds equal to your contribution to the same fund.  This in turn doubles your gift.


Gifts of Securities:

Greater tax savings are realized when donating publicly traded securities such as shares, bonds and mutual funds directly to Notre Dame rather than donating the cash proceeds from the sale of these same securities. Capital gains from securities donated to Notre Dame are not subject to tax. Donors benefit from a tax receipt for the full value of their securities valued at the closing trading price of the securities on the date the shares are received in the Notre Dame Alumni Foundation’s brokerage account. 


Gifts of Future Interest in Properties:

Individuals can make a gift of property now such as real estate, works of art and personal collections, through your will, or through a gift of future interest. Gifts of future interest allow donors to receive a tax receipt immediately, continuing to enjoy the property in their lifetime, while knowing that the gift will benefit Notre Dame upon their passing.


For more information on giving opportunities please contact our Development Office at or the Foundation Governors at

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